Is The Fountain of Youth in... Stainless Steel?

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Usually when we think of stainless steel, we think of kitchen appliances, pots and pans and that cute mixing and salad serving bowl under your cabinet. So what does stainless steel have to do with your beauty routine?

Well, if you're dodging Botox, Voluma and Juvederm needles and advertisements (seriously as soon as you put your birthdate in a browser, its like they have you at the top of the Evolus and Alle rewards ad targering list) in your 30's, stainless steel might be the answer to extending your trip to the med spa! Insert the Extreme Contour Gua Sha Tool and the Dual Sided Beauty Roller from Plump Beauty Co. These tools have amazing skin benefits and a gua sha and face rolling facial is the secret to a slimmer, lifted and more relaxed looking face in minutes with no needles!

Gua sha and face rolling are anti-aging and facial stimulating techniques dating back to ancient Chinese medicine and while the tools used were originally made from crystals and stones which have many healing benefits and qualities, gua sha and face rolling tools made with stainless steel are becoming more popular as they are poreless and don't collect skin cells, dirt and bacteria the way stone materials can. They are also more durable and can be frozen more quickly for a cold facial.

To use, you will apply a facial serum or oil with a lot of slippage - we like this Fully Stacked Face Serum which has antioxidants, skin healing ingredients and vitamin E oil, and use the tool in scraping and gliding motions from the center of your face outwards. The tools can be used on the cheeks, forehead, around the eyes and mouth, at specific acupressure points, around the nose and to help contour and bring blood flow to the areas around the cheek bones and the jaw line (our favorite)!

Experts have weighed in on the benefits of gua sha and face rolling and the list ranges from lymphatic drainage, lifting and firming of the skin, toning and strengthening of the skin, improvement of wrinkles, facial detoxification, improved blood circulating to radiant, smoother and younger looking skin!

We love the tools from Plump Beauty Co. because they are made of real stainless steel and over 30% less expensive but with the same exact quality than the same tools sold by other companies! 

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