Finally! How To Put False Lashes On Like A Pro & The One Tip You've Probably Never Tried Before!

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So, we've all been there. Nails, done. Hair, done. Makeup, perfect.

Now, time to put on your false lashes and all of a sudden, there's glue everywhere, your eyes are red and watering and you're pretty sure you got lash glue on your contact lens. There's one corner that feels like its sticking up and another corner that literally feel like its in your eye. We've all been there. 

We created a short video to walk you through the process of placing the perfect lash which you can watch on YouTube and listed four of the best tips we have below! 

Plump Beauty Co. Beauty Lash

1.) Trim The Lash.

Just because lashes (this applies to hair extensions too!) come packaged a certain way, doesn't mean they're right for you right out of the package. Lashes may need to be trimmed to match your natural eye shape, lid size and the look you're going for!

How to: Remove the lash from the package gently with a pair of tweezers and hold the lash up to your eye to size it against the lid and your natural lashes. For lashes that are shorter at the inner corners and longer at the outer corners, for a more voluminous lash and to leave the longer pieces at the end, trim from the inner corner.  For a more conservative lash, trim from the outer corner.  Start by trimming off one or two "notches," (mini bundles of lashes) and hold it up to your eye again. If you still feel like the lash is too long, keep trimming (little by little) from the inner corner until the lash is the right size. Repeat on the second lash! By trimming the lashes, they will be so much more comfortable to wear all day and night! 

2.) Customize! 

If you're going to a night club vs. an art gallery vs. wearing an every day lash, you're probably going to customize your lash style a bit differently.  

How To: For an every day lash, we love a smaller, more lightweight and natural lash trimmed to match your lash line. We love this House of Lashes natural lash!  For a swanky date night out to an art gallery, we love the Plump Beauty Co. Beauty Lash and would trim the inner corner a bit for an end to end look, or trim the lash nearly in half for a beautiful and comfortable cat eye that will guarantee a good night kiss at the door! For that night out with the girls, we aren't wearing anything but the Plump Beauty Co. Full Glam Lash because its seriously fabulous. While we might trim a few notches off the center, with the Full Glam Lash, more is more. 

Plump Beauty Co. Full Glam Lash

3.) Wrap It Around Your Finger - Literally!

We bet you've never tried this, but when you do, you'll seriously thank the beauty experts at Plump Beauty Co. 

How To: Before placing the glue on your lash, wrap the lash around your pinky (it will naturally stick as there is already glue on the lash strip that adheres it to the packaging). Wrapping the lash strip around your finger for a few seconds prior to placing the glue helps the lash strip have more of a round shape - making it easier to place on your eye! We know, your eye is round, now the lash that was more straight and difficult to place is now round, easier to place, and this whole novel concept is a literal stroke of genius. You were ____ years old today when you learned this! You're welcome! 

4.) Take A Top Down Approach 

The glue is on the lash and operation, "Apply Lash Without Getting Glue On All My Other Lashes So I'm Not Miserable All Night," is in full force.  

How To: If you have long lashes or if you put mascara on your natural lashes before placing your strip lash, do not pass start without reading this.  Holding the lashes with tweezers or a lash applicator, place the lash from the top down - not horizontally! Not only can you better see where you are placing the lashes, you can guarantee the lash won't get stuck in between your other lashes, and there's a way less chance you'll get glue in your eye as the whole application process happens above your lashes. 

You can watch the full video here: Finally! How To Put False Lashes On Like A Pro & The One Tip You've Probably Never Tried Before!

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