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Plump & Glow Booty Butter
Plump & Glow Booty Butter

Plump & Glow Booty Butter

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About the Product:
Warning! This is not your average booty cream!  The Plump & Glow Booty Butter is an intensely, thick cream for a thick, perfect booty. Specially formulated with power house ingredients, squalane, coconut butter and shea butter, our Booty Butter will smooth your skin all over!
Over 97% of people who have used Plump & Glow report that in under 7 days, their skin looks more smooth and all users reported a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, dryness and uneven skin tone. 
Plump Beauty's Plump & Glow Booty Butter is vegan and organic and locks in 24-hours of deep hydration with coconut oil whipped in to the formula. Even after the first use, your skin will appear smoother and will have a healthy glow! We could never say no to a little #PLUMPANDGLOW!  PS: It smells amazing. 

How to Use:  
It’s thick - a little will go a long way! After a shower or a bath, apply a small amount of Plump & Glow Booty Butter in gentle but firm circular motions on your booty and hips.  In addition to our booty, we dry brush before a shower or a bath and then use Plump & Glow Booty Butter all over after a shower or a bath and spend extra time on dry patches of skin, on knees, elbows and ankles. Repeat as often as you like! Discontinue use if any irritation occurs and contact your dermatologist. Not for use on wounds or irritated skin. 
Reminder: Plump & Glow Booty Butter was made for the bold. Don't say we didn't tell you! 

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Customer Reviews

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erica grisby
Tattoo après cream

used this cream for hydration and to prevent irriation to skin after I got new ink worked really well and smelled really nice

Jenna Miller
Just perfect

I am always on the hunt for body products with clean ingredients that also smell good and do what they claim. This body butter is all of that in one! Clean ingredients (you can recognize each one), thick, moisturizing, and smells so scrumptious! It absorbs right away and keeps you smelling good all day; I keep getting whiffs of a light, sweet goodness and it's coming from me! The smell is not overpowering. With winter, my skin is so dry and this is just what I need. I have found a staple in my body care routine.

Olivia Karpinski
Like a mask for your booty!

This booty butter is amazing! I use it before going to the beach or pool, and after massaging it in, it’s like my stretch marks and cellulite are gone! I also use this product on my cuticles and on my heels and it smoothes them out instantly - like magic! I would definitely recommend this booty cream, and the plump whipped body butter! Together they make your skin look so good!!!!


I use this everywhere.... and I mean everywhere. After or before the shower I body brush and then layer this on, I wake up in the am with baby soft skin. I love this stuff. Its all natural and organic too!!

Diane Grisby
A touch of life

This helped my dry skin and gave me much needed hydration. I used it everywhere on my body.